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Welcome to
Training Beyond Slides

We help professionals learn how to design and deliver engaging presentations and learning programs through our online courses and live workshops

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Welcome to
Training Beyond Slides

Our solutions are driven by your needs and our commitment to provide the simplest and most effective answers to knowledge management challenges.

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Our Clients:

What We Do

WE EXIST BECAUSE OF YOU! World class organisations are increasingly turning to outsourced training as a solution to High staff turnover, New skill development, Big In-House costs and Little or no time to plan training and organisation should not be left out.

Corporate Training Programs

We offer Corporate and company training programs to organizations corporate instructional designer who creates learning solutions to develop people and get result

Presentation Design Workshop

The workshop is specially put together to teach participants how to STRUCTURE, DESIGN and DELIVER engaging presentations. This workshop is hands on learning that gives participants clarity on how to build a presentation through clear objectives, audience targeting and a defined structure

Presentation Design services

We are focused on helping our clients to tell their stories through compelling presentation design. We leverage new tools and trends but we pride ourselves in the fact that we base our designs on timeless design principles.

Welcome Training Beyond Slides

We teach professionals, business owners, coaches and 9-5 workers how to visualize their ideas, design and deliver engaging presentations.

Through our online courses and live workshops we have been able to impact the live over 1000 professionals. Through our best selling course “Engaging Presentation Design”Our goal at TBS is to be the leading provider of learning solutions to organisations worldwide.

Our Fabulous Freebies

Want to know how to create excellent and engaging presentation? Click the link below to get our Fabulous Freebies
What you stand to gain
Training Beyond Slides provides custom and bespoke training design and development solutions to our clients. We work with you to define your knowledge needs, to identify gaps, and to deliver customized knowledge solutions that meet your business objectives most efficiently. Our solutions are driven by your needs and our commitment to provide the simplest and most effective answers to knowledge management challenges.

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our Testimonials

Coach Lara

Coach Lara Yeku

HR professional and career coach

As a professional HR Consultant with over 12 years cognate experience in multinationals, and progressive knowledge of business trends. I have seen big brands use explainer videos for adverts and trainings. I never thought I could learn them as they appeared to be done by experts. Training beyond slides is an highly recommended training for individuals and organisations who want to stay ahead of competition!

Lauretta Ogbum

Marriage counsellor

I didn’t have any previous knowledge about presentations. The first and most important step for me was learning the true value and power of a story. Now I not only think of an appropriate story but also 2 important points/message I want to pass to my audience. I can boldly present now. I just need to determine what message I want to pass across. I love your style of presentation, so easy to understand and follow. Way to go babe!!! “
Atinuke Founder Brand Fusions


Brand Specialist

Giving presentations and doing slides have always been a part of me for the longest time. I used to think my presentation skills were above average. I mean I’ve worked in Multinationals for over 18 years and doing slides is part of the requirements especially as you progress the Executive ladder. I however always look for room for improvement so when I saw @trainingbeyondslides post on presentations and animations, I went to her page to see some of her work and I was hooked. She really did an excellent job.