How To Overcome Nervousness

You have toiled night and day to put together content for your presentation.
The D-day is finally here!

You are all pumped up for this presentation; you take the stage, someone hands you the mic

And then you FREEZE!

All that you have prepared for escapes your memory, you suddenly start to feel inadequate. “I don’t think I can do this” you start to panic…

Hold up. Nervousness happens to the best of us.

To be nervous means “to be worried or slightly frightened.” It’s also not unusual for you to feel nervous before or even during a presentation. That is why I will be sharing with you five tips to help you overcome nervousness.

Tip 1:
Prepare: Before you deliver a presentation give yourself enough time to prepare and gather relevant information about your topic. Sometimes nervousness stems from a lack of preparation. Know your subject and write down what you want to say and how you intend to say it. Practice and preparation will boost your confidence. Planning and preparing for your preparation should be where you spend the most time.

Tip 2:
Practice Self-talk: Self–talk is the way you talk to yourself. What are some of the things you say to yourself before a presentation? It is important to speak positive things to yourself because it has a huge impact on how you feel before a presentation. Own your success even before you begin. Self-affirmations like “I am a confident speaker” “I am engaging and fun to listen to.” E.t.c. Write them down and declare them over and over again. Most importantly believe it.

Tip 3:
Use Notes: Trying to memorize what you are going to say is usually not the best option. Instead, use notes but use it unobtrusively. Write down simple keywords or phrases on index cards that will guide you during your presentation.

Tip 4:
Consider your appearance: Appear as neat as possible and dress appropriately. Nervousness can stem from feeling inadequate in our appearance. We can sense when people are judging our appearance. Wear comfortable clothing – not too loose or too tight and most especially wear comfortable shoes. You need to be able to move around confidently and when you are uncomfortable it’s almost impossible to appear confident.

Tip 5:
Get to the venue on time: This will allow you to get familiar with the environment. It will also help you check that all you need is ready – the microphone works well, the room temperature is not too cold or too warm, the lighting is appropriate and so on. Being on time will show your audience how prepared you are and this ensures that your presentation goes smoothly.

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